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When it comes to losing weight, no question changing what you put into your body and staying active are the keys to long-term success. Make sure you avoid these common workout mistakes as you make your way toward your weight loss goals.

Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid

From ignoring your form to forgetting to warm up, you’d be surprised at the common workout mistakes most people don’t even know they’re making.

Workout mistakes to avoid at the gym

While most people find themselves itching to hit a gym around the New Year, certain common exercise form mistakes can lead to acute or chronic injury if you aren’t too careful. Incorrect technique isn’t just about form either; it also refers to making sure the pace, strength, and weight of your workout are designed around what you can safely complete.

Correcting your leg extension

When performing this exercise, avoid taking reps too quickly or extending all the way down. This exercise puts considerable strain on your knee joint and stretching too far unnecessarily stresses your patella and ACL. If want to work out your quads with a leg extension machine, gradually slide into the down position slowly while working during the top three to six inches of the move. A better and more productive alternative would be regular squats or, if you’re looking for a more intense workout, box step-ups on a six- to 12-inch box.

Are you pressing your bench correctly?

As one of the most popular machines in any gym setup, most people don’t realize the simple mistake they’re making while lifting: limiting their range of motion. When you set the machine up, make sure that the back support is set close enough so that you get a full range of motion in your arms. You should be able to easily extend your arms and pull the handles down to your chest while laying down.

Set yourself up for success by stretching

When it comes to working out, skipping your dynamic warm-up can lead to injury, especially during high-intensity workouts or exercises. Keep in mind that your warm-up will differ depending on your workout. For example, if you’ll be running or performing other high-intensity activities, dynamic stretching to get your blood flowing is essential for injury prevention.

Alternately, static stretching should be avoided before strength training as it may impair strength and performance in your workout.  Static (holding) stretches should only be done after your workout.

Rest is just as important as your workouts

While you should be eating healthier and working out regularly, conventional wisdom dictates that you limit your workouts to an hour or less AND that you rest at least 1-2 days per week, depending on your goals.   Over training can lead to reduced performance capacity and potential of chronic injury.  Moderation is key to a successful workout regime.

Create a foundation for success by incorporating complete plant proteins

As you set yourself up for successful weight loss in 2018, make sure that you’ve taken your body’s nutritional needs into consideration, too. After a high-intensity workout, try waiting about 30-45 minutes before eating a meal that is a mix of quality protein and complex carbs.  For extremely strenuous workouts, a meal with simple carbs is recommended for better recovery following with moderate quantity of protein.

Alternately, if you’ve been strength training, your body will need protein that it can absorb rapidly. Opting for a complete plant protein powder like PCN within an hour of your workout will help minimize soreness and maximize your body’s ability to recover.

Work Out the Kinks in Your Routine with a Complete Plant Protein

Don’t let common workout mistakes derail your weight loss efforts this coming year. Incorporating a complete plant protein into your post workout is one of the healthiest decisions you’ll make all year.



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