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Best Vegan Protein Supplement: PCN vs competition

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Looking for the best vegan protein powder? Look no further! We are a small family owned brand, but we bring what other brands fail to deliver- PURITY and QUALITY!  While they spend most of their money on marketing and cut corners on quality, we focused on developing a 100% “good for you” protein supplement.  It… Read more »

Incorporate Plant-based Nutrition to Improve Your Joint Health

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Your joints and joint health play a fundamental role not only in our daily lives but our overall health as well. Although regular exercise is one of the healthiest ways to preserve your joint health, incorporating plant-based nutrition for joint health can help, too. Incorporating Plant-based Nutrition for Joint Health For all the wonderful activities… Read more »

Adding Pure Charge to the 2017 IDEA World Convention

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For the past 35 years, the IDEA World Convention has been considered the “Superbowl” of the fitness industry. This year, Pure Charge Nutrition’s fearless leader, Igor, and select team members had the opportunity to join over 10,000 fitness professionals and hundreds of product showcases from leading brands in a four-day extravaganza of health and wellness… Read more »

Greens Will Make You Buff: Incorporate Plant-based Nutrition with Your Steak and Burgers

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Through research and anecdotal evidence, the power of plants to help people turn their diets and their lifestyles around has changed the way we view nutrition in more ways than one. But,  when it comes to the ability of an individual to meet all of their dietary needs through incorporating plant-based nutrition into their lifestyle,… Read more »

Boost Your Dietary Protein Intake throughout the Day

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  When it comes to getting the right amount of protein to sustain your lifestyle, you already know it’s important to diversify your protein sources. Although there is protein in meat and other animal products, plant-based protein sources are easier on your body and more diverse than you’d think. Nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes, even… Read more »

You Asked, We Answered: The Truth About Pre-Workout Supplements

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  When it comes to getting fired up before your workout, there’s no question that the market in inundated with pre-workout supplements aimed at improving performance. Like many products within the nutrition and supplement industry, there are downsides and potential risks that consumers know about before trying one at home. The Truth about Pre-Workout Supplements… Read more »