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7 Reasons to Give up Animal Protein

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If you’re thinking of becoming a vegetarian or vegan, one question you are likely to be asked is where you are going to get your protein. The truth is that protein comes from lots of places other than animals, and consuming animal protein isn’t the best choice for your health. Here are seven solid reasons… Read more »

Taking the Pure Charge Advantage: 2 Years and Counting

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Just over two years ago, Pure Charge Nutrition president and founder, Igor Mihajlovic, was inspired to give himself and his clients a better plant-based protein powder for their weight loss and nutrition needs. Witnessing the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet Firsthand As a professional personal trainer and nutrition expert, Igor’s work with clients showed him… Read more »

3 Vegan Foods That Have More Protein Than Meat

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When it comes the wild world of proteins and protein supplements, one of the most common critiques of plant-based diets is the issue of complete versus incomplete proteins as well as how much protein per amount of weight is the proteins that we consume. Although we know now that our bodies can pull the components… Read more »