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The power of positive thinking may have more of an impact on your weight loss than you’d think. While staying active and eating the rights foods undoubtedly play a role in weight loss, psychologists have found that even eating the best plant-based protein powder is enough if you don’t love your body while losing weight.

The Power of Psychology, Self Love, and Weight Loss


In 2015, The International Journal of Obesity published a study suggesting that simple thinking one is overweight may contribute to weight gain. To determine this, authors review previous studies of more 14,000 adults between the ages of 24 and 45. Interestingly, researchers found that those participants who merely thought they were overweight were more likely to gain weight over time. This held true for participants that were overweight and those that were not.  

The reality of this ‘mental barrier’ is one that many in the health and fitness industry see when working one on one with clients; do you how to love your while losing weight?

She believed she could so she did

When it comes to shifting your mindset for healthy weight loss efforts, body positivity is essential for sustainable weight loss efforts. With almost 90% of all people looking for ways to get healthier and lose weight, there are hundreds of reasons for anybody to want to lose a few pounds.

Ways to Love Your Body During Weight Loss

No matter your reasons for wanting to lose weight, achieving a balance between body positivity, self-confidence, and sustainable weight loss can be difficult; that’s why it’s important to start with your mindset.

Kindness starts at home

We’ve all been there. It’s the third day of our brand new fitness regime, and you’re feeling fit, fierce, and in control. Then, for whatever reason, the tide changes; the next thing you know, you’ve got a million things to do, a half a million things on your mind, and you honestly don’t think about your diet until you’ve staring at your leftover takeout.


Instead of beating yourself up, try wrapping yourself in positive reinforcement. From daily affirmations to journaling or even talking to a therapist; make getting into a good mental space a priority, and your physical wellness will naturally follow suit.

Ditch the fad diets

Although we all know fad diets do not work, dieting itself can be one of the quickest ways to ensure failure, especially if you’ve chosen a diet that is particularly restrictive. Researchers have found that the practice of dieting itself can be too limiting to be sustainable. Instead of relying on fad diets that don’t work, opt for making a handful of small lifestyle changes you can stick with—like incorporating the best plant-based protein powder into your morning meal or snack.

Say ‘Sayonara’ to your scale

As many fitness and health professionals can tell you, numbers lie—especially those on your at home scale. On any given day, your weight will (and should) fluctuate to some degree based on everything from muscle gain to your hormone levels; instead of fixating on the number on your scale, focus on the way your clothing fits and how much healthier you’re feeling.

Be savvy about the media you consume

While there are a significant number of inspiring, body positive icons out there, the hard truth is that many companies in don’t necessarily want women to feel good about themselves; in fact, some even craft entire marketing strategies aimed at making women feel bad about themselves to sell products or services.

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Stay smart about what you let into mind as well as your body by opting to love your body while losing weight with the best plant-based protein powder on the market.


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