plant based protein recipes to help reduce cellulite appearance

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When it comes to the many woes surrounding weight loss, one of the most cited by women is a concern with how to reduce cellulite appearance or eliminate it. While cellulite is undoubtedly a cosmetic concern for many, the simple truth is that complete elimination of cellulite isn’t possible or desirable from a wellness standpoint.


Read on to learn more about the myths and misconceptions about cellulite and how to reduce cellulite appearance.

The Truth About Weight Loss and Cellulite

When it comes to eliminating or lessening the visibility of cellulite, there are dozens of cellulite reduction exercises and products making claims that aren’t grounded reality.

Common cellulite myths:

  • Toxins in your body cause cellulite
  • Cellulite only happens to out of shape people
  • Cardio is best for reducing all-over jiggle
  • Skin firming creams can cure cellulite
  • Skin fillers can get even out dimply skin
  • Liposuction will reduce the look of uneven fat distribution.
  • Only a dermatologist should perform cellulite treatments. (PCN Pro Tip: Remember, cellulite is not a medical condition and so medical professionals are recommended but not required)
  • Compression clothes DO NOT reduce the appearance of cellulite, despite the claims of some manufacturers to the contrary.


Although there is undoubtedly a great deal of misinformation about how to reduce the appearance of cellulite, there are some surprising facts about effective treatments that most consumers aren’t aware of.

Seven facts to keep in mind as you try to get rid of that cellulite

  1. Stay realistic about cellulite. Because women get more cellulite than men, that means complete elimination of cellulite may not be possible.
  2. Cellulite does get worse with age.
  3. You may be genetically inclined to have cellulite.
  4. Cellulite reduction exercises can help minimize the appearance of cellulite.
  5. Noninvasive procedures for cellulite do work, but the results are typically short-term and require expensive maintenance. Such regimes can also be enhanced by plant-based smoothie recipes and regular exercise.
  6. Certain foods can help fight cellulite, particularly those rich in plant-based proteins, like a homemade vegan protein shake.
  7. Smoking can make the appearance of cellulite more dramatic.

Curbstomp Cellulite with Plant-based Proteins

If you have been looking for how to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your thighs, stomach, or buttocks, you’re not alone. Instead of settling for miracle pills, try incorporating plant-based protein recipes to enhance your body’s ability to metabolize fat and recover from workouts.


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