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Considering around 90% of adults are looking for different ways to live healthier and longer lives, it should be no surprise that more people have been able to careers for themselves in exercise science. Although vegan-friendly and fitness related jobs have become more common, not many know how many great options there are, especially for fitness-oriented individuals.

What Do You Know about Careers in Fitness and Nutrition?

When it comes to finding jobs in the fitness and nutrition industry, salaries vary based on your education, field of choice, experience levels, and what kind of organization you will be running or joining. Starting salaries for those interested in fitness related fields typically start between $25,000 and $35,000 a year, with increases based on your experience and drive to succeed.

Train hard to play hard by becoming an independent physical trainer

As most personal training positions are hourly, commission-based jobs, becoming an independent personal trainer can become quite lucrative if you put in the time. As an independent contractor, it may take a lot of initial footwork for you to drum up clients but once you’ve established your reputation, you’ll find it easier to make connections and sign on new clients.

Per the American Council on Exercise, a full-time personal trainer with a bachelor’s degrees can expect to earn $24.42 hourly. Which amounts to roughly $50,000 annually. Because of the difficulty finding clientele through word of mouth alone, many trainers also work for a gym or fitness center that takes a percentage of the trainer’s hourly cost.

If you are looking for jobs in the fitness and nutrition industry and think personal training might be for you, consider breaking away from a gym and offering your services independently once you’ve established yourself.

Help people heal by becoming a health educator

If you are passionate about health and nutrition and helping other carve out their path to wellness, consider becoming a health educator. Health educators work with clients to design and implement holistic wellness programs that encourage healthy behaviors and works to help prevent disease.

As a health educator, you will get the opportunity to provide your customers with advice about a good vegan supplement to suggest to your clients. Health educators work with people and communities through workshops, conferences, group sessions, and one-on-one coaching. Although you need a Bachelor’s degree in education, community health, or public health to qualify, health educators can earn as much as $63,000 a year.

Fall into your place as a fitness director or manager

Depending on your facility and your field, the title of fitness director or manager can mean a lot of different things. For example, some fitness directors manage certain kinds of exercise classes available, while others might be assigned to the care and maintenance of the equipment.

At some facilities,  the fitness director is in charge of personal trainers and works to develop sales techniques while at others, the fitness director manages the entire operation. The pay structure for fitness directors is subject to significant change due to this variation in function and responsibilities.

For example, fitness directors who manage the gym’s trainers may receive a base salary, in addition to a percentage of the collective personal training commissions earned in a period. Alternately, some fitness directors receive a salary and benefits, but don’t receive a commission. Because of the variation within the field, fitness directors can expect to earn an average of 42,000 annually.

Think about becoming a PCN ambassador

For those thinking about carving their path in the nutrition and fitness fields, consider becoming a brand ambassador for a brand that you can trust, like PCN. Depending on the company you choose to work with, becoming a brand ambassador is a great way to introduce yourself to the fitness and nutrition industry. Not only will you learn more about health and nutrition, you’ll also get unique opportunities to meet other fitness-oriented professionals.

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