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5 Ways Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

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Studies have shown that people who follow the recommended daily intake of protein can lose more weight than those who don’t. We’ll look at how incorporating protein into each meal and snack can help you take off the pounds. 1. Protein Controls Your Appetite Your body requires large doses of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for… Read more »

Burpee Workouts to Kick You into High Gear

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Bodyweight exercises build muscle and burn fat by kicking your body into high gear without the use of equipment. A burpee is a full body exercise that enhances fitness performance by building strength, mobility, and coordination. The core of the burpee workouts relies on combining squats, push-ups, and jumping. 3 Variating Burpee Workouts How to… Read more »

Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners

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Balancing the right diet and avoiding common workout mistakes are major roadblocks to beginner fitness. You don’t need a gym membership to begin your fitness journey. Bodyweight exercises build muscle and burn fat without the use of equipment. Begin Your Fitness Journey with This Bodyweight Workout Routine Squats: the cornerstone of bodyweight exercises Squats are… Read more »

Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate to Reach Your Fitness Goals

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The journey to a healthy life has many stops: from learning how to maintain weight loss while still keeping your body running properly. The body needs a certain amount of energy to perform its daily functions from breathing to contracting muscles. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) measures the amount of energy the body needs to function… Read more »

Strengthen Your Legs with an Eccentric Workout Routine

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Eccentric exercise builds stronger muscles at a rapid rate due to increased muscular micro-tears. Strength moves are performed with a one to two second lift followed by at least five seconds of lowering. Runners and weightlifters should enhance their legs muscle growth with an eccentric workout routine. Maximize Leg Day with an Eccentric Workout Routine… Read more »

Stop Being Erratic about Your Workout and Get Eccentric Instead

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One of the most common workout mistakes is not including eccentric exercises in your daily routine. Eccentric training, or negative contractions, challenges muscle fibers by exerting force during the lowering phase of lifting. Here’s how to build increased muscle and strength with eccentric exercise. Get Negative with Eccentric Exercise Eccentric training is the opposite of… Read more »

Are You Working out the Right Way?

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When it comes to losing weight, no question changing what you put into your body and staying active are the keys to long-term success. Make sure you avoid these common workout mistakes as you make your way toward your weight loss goals. Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid From ignoring your form to forgetting to warm… Read more »

Do You Know How to Curb the Appearance of Your Cellulite?

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When it comes to the many woes surrounding weight loss, one of the most cited by women is a concern with how to reduce cellulite appearance or eliminate it. While cellulite is undoubtedly a cosmetic concern for many, the simple truth is that complete elimination of cellulite isn’t possible or desirable from a wellness standpoint…. Read more »

Love Your Body Before, During, and After Your Weight Loss

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  The power of positive thinking may have more of an impact on your weight loss than you’d think. While staying active and eating the rights foods undoubtedly play a role in weight loss, psychologists have found that even eating the best plant-based protein powder is enough if you don’t love your body while losing… Read more »