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Bodyweight exercises build muscle and burn fat by kicking your body into high gear without the use of equipment. A burpee is a full body exercise that enhances fitness performance by building strength, mobility, and coordination. The core of the burpee workouts relies on combining squats, push-ups, and jumping.

3 Variating Burpee Workouts

How to do burpees for beginners

You can’t start burpee variations without knowing the standard burpee. The key to a great burpee is to keep your abs tight and engage through the entire movement. The burpee exercise benefits the arms, legs, and core.

The standard burpee starts in the push-up position. The next move is to jump forward with your feet underneath your hips while keeping your back straight. Finish by standing up, jumping up, and getting back down to starting position.

Jumping jack burpee

The jumping jack burpee variation starts similarly to the standard burpee. As you descend into the push-up position, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Instead of exploding into a jump, do a jumping jack before returning to starting position.

Spider-Man Burpee

Spider-Man may be a nerd, but he’s also quite the athlete. Adding elements of the Wall-Crawler into your workout routine will help you tone your muscles. The Spider-Man burpee is inspired by the superhero’s wall-crawling since it looks like you’re climbing a wall (on the floor).

This variation of the burpee starts similarly to the standard burpee, with a descent into the push-up position. While on the floor, bring your right to your right elbow without sagging or rotating your hips. Switch to your left side to meet the corresponding knee and elbow and finish off the move with a jump.

Renegade row burpee

This burpee is the most challenging variation of all our burpee workouts. Start this exercise by spreading your feet a little bit more than hip-width apart for enhanced stability. Ensure your core is strong for maximum balance and stability.

Perform the standard push-up portion of the burpee followed by lifting your left arm as if pulling something up in a row. To row your arm, move your shoulder blade towards your spine and don’t let your elbows go higher than your back. Switch to your right arm and row before finishing off with an explosive jump off the floor.

PCN Pro-tip: Add a dumbbell to each hand to build extra strength.

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