How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Protein Supplement

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You already know that proteins are one of the three building blocks essential for life, but do you know how to make the most of your workout and your protein regime? Learn more about how you can use protein supplements to enhance your body’s natural metabolic growth and recovery processes when incorporating protein into your… Read more »

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What Is Protein and Why Do I Need It?

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As you know all too well, not all protein supplements were created equal. But why do athletes, nutritionists, and health-conscious people swear by their protein regimes? Learn more about protein’s essential role in workout enhancement and muscle recovery. Proteins Are Essential to Life Although protein supplements alone are not always a necessary component of a… Read more »

Making the Case: Why You Should Choose a Plant-based Protein

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The protein market is bursting with proteins that can inhibit your workout and recovery. This infographic explains why you should go for plant-based options. If you’ve been looking for a simple, healthy way to boost your energy or enhance your workout recovery and results, you already know that getting the right protein supplement is key…. Read more »

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Why Choose Plant-Based Protein vs Whey Protein?

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Whether you’re just beginning your wellness journey or are an experienced veteran who is well-versed in the world of fitness and nutrition, you know that picking the right protein powder for weight loss and muscle growth is essential to enhancing and sustaining the results of your workout and health regime. Although whey proteins seem like… Read more »


Why You Should Say NO to Sugar

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As the American Heart Association notes, too much sugar is bad for your health. Unfortunately, sugar also goes by many names. So many, in fact, that the average consumer is completely unaware of how much sugar they’re actually consuming every day. Did you know that doctors recommend that we only consume 100-150 calories of sugar… Read more »


Benefits of a Non-GMO Diet

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In a world where lifestyle factors have led to a nationwide obesity epidemic, dramatically increased food allergies and increasingly resistant virus strains, there are a surprising number of benefits to making small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle, which may mean including non-GMO products to your diet. Why Go Non-GMO? Since the introduction of Genetically Modified… Read more »

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Our Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Protein

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As you study our (extremely short and sweet) ingredient list, you’ll find organic brown rice protein right below pea protein. These two protein sources provide dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, vegan protein for anyone looking to build muscle or add protein to their diet. It is especially helpful for anyone in transition to a vegetarian or… Read more »