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Get the Right Daily Dose of Protein for Your Lifestyle

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Did you know that, according to the CDC, most Americans are eating too much protein? Although the recommended daily dose of protein for men and women in America lingers at around 10-15% of our daily caloric intake, Americans typically eat much more. According to the most recent report published by the National Health and Nutrition… Read more »

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Taking the Pure Charge Advantage: 2 Years and Counting

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Just over two years ago, Pure Charge Nutrition president and founder, Igor Mihajlovic, was inspired to give himself and his clients a better plant-based protein powder for their weight loss and nutrition needs. Witnessing the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet Firsthand As a professional personal trainer and nutrition expert, Igor’s work with clients showed him… Read more »

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Incorporate These Small Changes for Sustainable Weight Loss

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Considering the epidemic rates of diabetes, heart disease, and other weight-related illnesses in America, it’s not a surprise to learn most Americans are looking for ways to live healthier, happier, and longer lives. Whether or not you adhere to a strict diet, balance and incremental changes are the best way to make those much-needed changes… Read more »

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The Pure Charge Guarantee: Why Our Ingredients List Is So Short

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What Is the Pure Charge Advantage? If you’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed our passion for fitness, nutrition, and the proteins we need to help our bodies heal and recover. We founded our company with one simple goal in mind: to provide our customers and their families with the purest plant-based protein… Read more »

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Get Gains the Healthy Way with Plant-based Proteins

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As you already know, not all proteins were made equal. This is particularly the case when it comes to the protein supplements you need when adhering to a diet and fitness regime aimed at helping you build muscle. Getting Gains with Plant-based Protein Supplements Recently, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition released results of a… Read more »

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Spice up Your Protein Regime with These Summertime Protein Smoothie Recipes

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Depending on your fitness routine and lifestyle, your daily protein intake must include 46-56 grams of protein every day in order to maintain processes that are essential to life, like the repair and regeneration of new cells. Because protein needs to make up between 15-35% of your daily caloric intake, we thought we’d spice up… Read more »

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The Relationship Between Proteins, Amino Acids, and Your Body

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If you are remotely health conscious—and even if you’re not—you’ve probably heard about proteins and the need to incorporate them into your diet and nutrition regime. Now that you know a bit more about proteins and why are they so important, let’s delve into the building blocks of the building blocks of life: amino acids…. Read more »