maintain weight loss with the best plant protein powder

Stay Active and Maintain Weight Loss with Vegan Protein Powder

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Although most of us are looking for ways to eat a bit healthier and lose some weight, actually starting a fitness program and committing to it is one of the biggest wellness challenges you will face as you begin your weight loss journey. Getting and staying active is not only one of the best ways… Read more »

pure charge your nutrition with green tea

Green Tea and Protein Smoothies Helping You Supercharge Your Diet

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After water, tea the most-consumed beverages in the world. Green tea, in particular, enjoys a place as both one of the most famous teas of all time, but also one of the most potentially beneficial when it comes boosting your weight loss efforts. Do did you know incorporating green tea for weight loss into your… Read more »

plant based nutrition to improve your workout

How to Train for Your First 5k or 10K with Plant-based Nutrition

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Every year it happens; the temperatures cool down, pumpkins begin appearing on porches, and races seem to happen every weekend to honor everything from international holy days to raising awareness and money for charitable causes. If you’ve been itching to train for your first 5k, consider incorporating plant-based nutrition into your training regime. How to… Read more »

plant based protein smoothie for weight loss

Juicing for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

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As the summer winds down and people start looking for ways to keep those extra holiday pounds at bay, an extra green juice or two might be in order. But, before juicing for weight loss, make sure you know which greens to put in your next plant-based protein smoothie. Fad or Functional? Exploring Juicing for… Read more »

Avoid hidden sugars with honey

The Truth about Hidden Sugars in Healthy Foods and Supplements

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It is a known fact that sugar has a negative impact on your health. In recent years, consumers have become more health conscious when it comes to their diet, including lowering sugar intake. Health conscious individuals try to avoid sugary foods such as sodas, cakes, and ice cream. Unfortunately, sugars can be hidden in seemingly… Read more »

incorporating plant-based nutrition for joint health

Incorporate Plant-based Nutrition to Improve Your Joint Health

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Your joints and joint health play a fundamental role not only in our daily lives but our overall health as well. Although regular exercise is one of the healthiest ways to preserve your joint health, incorporating plant-based nutrition for joint health can help, too. Incorporating Plant-based Nutrition for Joint Health For all the wonderful activities… Read more »

frozen food nutrition facts

What You Need to Know about Frozen Foods

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, getting the wholesome nutrition you need can be a challenge. That’s why millions of families around the world opt for frozen foods because they’re easy, affordable, and supposed to be healthy. Did you know that some frozen foods pose a risk to your overall health? Use these… Read more »

hidden msg in the grocery store

Do You Know How Much MSG is in Your Diet?

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  Monosodium glutamate commonly referred to as MSG is a favorite flavor enhancer often used in Asian cuisine and commercial food products. Although researchers are still learning more about the effects of MSG, some studies indicated that consuming too much MSG may lead to short and long term health problems. While MSG doesn’t affect all… Read more »

try matcha tea for weight loss today

What’s the Deal with Matcha Tea for Weight Loss?

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Every summer, consumers are inundated with news stories and viral campaigns about businesses, services, or products aiming to be the miracle weight-loss product of the moment. When it comes to getting the most out of what nature has to offer, consider adding natural ingredients like matcha for weight loss to your protein powder to maximize… Read more »