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The Link between a High-Protein Vegan Diet and All-Star Athleticism

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In today’s health-conscious society, it’s important to watch out for fad diets that don’t work. Veganism is a lifestyle that’s more than just a passing fad. A vegan diet is centered around avoiding eating animals and products derived from animals, such as dairy, eggs, and meat. Where do vegans get their protein? Here is our… Read more »

burpee workouts

Burpee Workouts to Kick You into High Gear

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Bodyweight exercises build muscle and burn fat by kicking your body into high gear without the use of equipment. A burpee is a full body exercise that enhances fitness performance by building strength, mobility, and coordination. The core of the burpee workouts relies on combining squats, push-ups, and jumping. 3 Variating Burpee Workouts How to… Read more »

high protein breakfast recipes

3 Quick Protein Breakfast Recipes for People on the Go

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We all know protein is an essential component for building muscle, but did you know your body also uses it to build bones, cartilage, hair, and skin? We are all busy people, which is why one in four Americans make the mistake of skipping breakfast. Knowing a few quick high protein breakfast recipes helps avoid… Read more »

bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners

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Balancing the right diet and avoiding common workout mistakes are major roadblocks to beginner fitness. You don’t need a gym membership to begin your fitness journey. Bodyweight exercises build muscle and burn fat without the use of equipment. Begin Your Fitness Journey with This Bodyweight Workout Routine Squats: the cornerstone of bodyweight exercises Squats are… Read more »

basal metabolic rate

Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate to Reach Your Fitness Goals

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The journey to a healthy life has many stops: from learning how to maintain weight loss while still keeping your body running properly. The body needs a certain amount of energy to perform its daily functions from breathing to contracting muscles. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) measures the amount of energy the body needs to function… Read more »

eccentric workout routine

Strengthen Your Legs with an Eccentric Workout Routine

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Eccentric exercise builds stronger muscles at a rapid rate due to increased muscular micro-tears. Strength moves are performed with a one to two second lift followed by at least five seconds of lowering. Runners and weightlifters should enhance their legs muscle growth with an eccentric workout routine. Maximize Leg Day with an Eccentric Workout Routine… Read more »

benefits of peppers

5 Reasons to Spice up Your Diet with Peppers

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You recently discovered the positive link between carbs and weight loss. Another delicious food associated with weight loss is peppers. The benefits of peppers range from weight loss to boosted immunity. Spice up Your Diet with the Health Benefits of Peppers Peppers burn fat Red peppers benefit weight loss more than their alternatives. Red peppers… Read more »

carbs and weight loss

Stop Being Erratic about Your Workout and Get Eccentric Instead

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One of the most common workout mistakes is not including eccentric exercises in your daily routine. Eccentric training, or negative contractions, challenges muscle fibers by exerting force during the lowering phase of lifting. Here’s how to build increased muscle and strength with eccentric exercise. Get Negative with Eccentric Exercise Eccentric training is the opposite of… Read more »

carbs and weight loss

Carbs and Weight Loss: How to Lose Body Fat When Consuming Carbohydrates

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It’s a dream come true! A recent study shows that a high carb diet is more effective and efficient than a high-fat diet when it comes to losing body fat. Healthy carb consumption varies from person to person. Many carbs contain vital nutrients that are necessary for a healthy body. We are breaking down the… Read more »

try these heart healthy pumpkin recipes with plant based proteins

Why You Should Consider Picking up a Pumpkin This Season

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Deciding to incorporate whole and natural foods into your diet can help more than just your waistline; studies have shown that opting for healthier foods, like plant-based proteins, can help people live longer and healthier lives. Many plant-based foods, like pumpkins, are also rich in beta-carotene and other powerful antioxidants. Have you tried any heart-healthy… Read more »